BPO and attrition levels- Few facts to know

Published: 23rd February 2010
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Level of attrition in the BPO industry has become very low while the other industrial sectors are still getting affected by it. Most call centers have introduced innovative methods for bringing down the rate of attrition and keeping their workforce intact. In a multi tasking industry like that of a BPO, adequate human resource is very essential for smooth operation of services. EWS (early warning system) is one such tool that is being used for harnessing the human resources in the call centers. A RAG analysis is used by the system in order to make out if the employees want to stay or quit. RAG is an acronym that is used for the three colors that help in detecting, and they are Red, Amber and Gre

The color red implies that the employees are about to resign in thirty days, whereas the ones falling in the amber category are expected to stay a bit longer. The green color is indicative of the ones that are going to stay and are satisfied with their job. This technique has proved to be very helpful in reducing attrition level in the BPO sector. The EWS is expected to bring relief to the HR managers of the call centers who are horrified about the issue of employees resigning as they have some set targets, which they need to achieve. The industry generating revenues of about seven billion dollars needs a work force of above five lakh employees. The system has been invented by one of the largest call centers present in the world. The company has more than ten thousand of its employees working in India.

This BPO company has also found out fifty set offs such as, quality deterioration, absenteeism, low levels of motivation, rejection of job postings and many more. These have been implemented in EWS software, which results in RAG analysis. Another type of movement that has been initiated by the BPO firms for minimizing attrition rate is the analysis of talent risk. EWS has solved this problem to a great extent and has turned out to be very beneficial for the call center business. The team leaders are required to get involved with their team so that they can get a clear impression of their commitment and motivation levels. With all those fifty offsets entered into the EWS, the employees can be categorized on the basis of RAG. This helps the HR managers to choose the right people for working in their customer support centers.

Call center firms usually categorize their employees through EWS and then accordingly, try to provide solutions to their problems. The company looks out for ways to keep up the motivation levels of the employees so that they do not leave their job. EWS has enabled the bosses to focus on the reasons behind the frequent resignation of the employees. They try to deal with their problems and see to it if these can be solved anyhow. This in a way gives the employee a positive view of the company and the individual feels satisfied with the thought that the boss is really concerned about him.

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